Victoria Alumni Association is a common platform for all Victorian Aligs and their families, where they can connect socially, culturally and intellectually for the betterment of the community and society in general.


AMU Alumni Victoria INC

AAVI brings together the alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and its friends and supporters. It was established to fulfil and keep alive Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s dream of ensuring equality and right to education for everyone, particularly the underprivileged. AAVI is a secular, non-political, non-discriminatory organisation, committed to further the values of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the field of education and charity. Through support of its members AAVI intends to develop a strong knit AMU alumni community in Victoria and channelise all positive initiatives by Aligs through it.
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Taking one step at a time our mission is to provide a platform for all Aligs in Victoria through which they can act together as consolidated group in educational, charitable and relief projects.


Narrowing the social disparity in India by facilitating educational endeavours for people from all backgrounds, cultures and faith.


Educate. Empower. Elevate.

Upcoming Events

Sir Syed Day 2021 October 2021
Date & Time to be announced


Make a Difference

Help us Sustain and Strengthen the Aligarh Movement for the Betterment of our Communities

Our Projects

Oxygen Plant Donation

Oxygen Plant AMU Alumni Victoria joined hands with AMU Alumni associations across the globe to collect funds for establishment of Oxygen plant in AMU.

AMU Alumni Victoria Scholarship Program

An important element of the AMU Alumni Victoria is its scholarship program. We endeavour to identify and support students who are keen to educate themselves but are facing financial hardship.

Community Empowerment

Another element to AAVI’s mission is community empowerment in Australia and India. Under this project we aim to support educational institutions like small schools, community development programs (recent example being Oxygen Plant AMU) and supporting and mentoring our local community.