AMU Alumni Victoria Incorporation takes pride in helping education endeavours of children back in India. We take up relief work in Australia as well during times of crisis and natural disasters. We provide mentorship to youth in Australia and India.

AMU Alumni Victoria Scholarship Program

These scholarships for underprivileged students are at the forefront of our fight against poverty and inequality.Scholarship for poor school students in India grants for low-income students to complete their higher education. These scholarships are provided on both pre and post-matric level to support the students facing financial hardship to complete their higher education and overall improve the education level in the community.

Community Empowerment Program

We envision a world where everyone has equal opportunities for education and a better future; where they have the tools they need to determine their own future and fulfill their potential. We also strongly believe in supporting our community, nation and mankind in times of crisis. Our recent community programs include “Fundraising for Oxygen Plant in Aligarh, India” and “Bushfire fundraising for last Sydney Bushfire 2019”.

Mentorship Program

Another important aspect of our association is supporting and empowering the youth in Australia and back in India through our mentorship program. This is our opportunity to give back and connect with the community, increase sense of purpose and make a difference in a young person’s life. The program empowers young people to become more resilient, connected and hopeful for the future.

Our Past Projects

Bushfire fundraising for Sydney 2019 Bushfires

Fundraising for Oxygen Plant in AMU Aligarh during COVID-19 crisis

Scholarship Program 2020 providing scholarship to 2 girl students under metric level and 3 girl students above metric level